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So you are planning to visit Amsterdam, one of the most exciting places on earth? Even with only a day or two there’s plenty of great things to do in Amsterdam. This great city has the reputation for its artistic heritage, intricate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, 17th-century Golden Age heritage and much more. Its Museum District is home to a variety of world-famous museums. Amsterdam’s clubs, bars and nightlife, city sightseeing, countryside and excursions are as vibrant as ever.

Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has over fifty museums and here are the most popular ones

Rijksmuseum (The State Museum)

The museum has an unparalleled collection of paintings and objects of material culture, prints and classic photography.

Van Gogh Museum

Vincent van Gogh is one of the greatest painters in human history and the Museum is the richest collection of Vincent van Gogh. It consists of more than 200 paintings, drawings, letters and about the times van Gogh lived and worked.

Anne Frank House

One of the most popular visiting places in Amsterdam. The museum is the secret area where Anne hid from the Nazis and wrote her famous diary. The museum tends to be more quiet during the evening. Therefore, visitors are advised to consider visiting the museum late in the afternoon/early in the evening.

Stedelijk Museum

The museum has one of the world’s richest collections of contemporary art. In its collection there are 90 thousands modern paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, design objects and video artifacts.

Science Museum Nemo

This technology museum of Amsterdam has been created mostly for kids and it is the fourth most visited museum in the Netherlands. On the fifth floor or upper deck has a cafeteria, a children’s play area and a great view of the city surroundings. In the museum people can do science experiments, DNA experiments and much more.

The Amsterdam Museum

Previously known as Amsterdam’s Historisch Museum, The Amsterdam Museum is a museum about the history of Amsterdam. It is located in the old city orphanage, between Kalverstraat and Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal.

City Sightseeing

There are so many things to do in Amsterdam and sometimes it is hard to choose from. Discover all the great things to do and see in Amsterdam. Brochures are available at our reception. Please do not hesitate to contact our receptionist for information. For many excursion and sightseeing, you can also buy the ticket at the reception.

Nightlife in Amsterdam

For party people, there are plenty of clubs in Amsterdam that offer wild, fun or classy nights out. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, drink or meet someone, the nightclubs in Amsterdam have got you covered. Well known and popular clubs are centred in the Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein, Spuistraat and in the Red Light District

Some well knows clubs and music venues are Club Rain, Escape Studio 80, Club Smokey at the Rembrandtplein. Sugar Factory, Jimmy Woo, music venue Melkweg and Paradiso at the Leidseplein Dansen bij Jansen at the Spuistraat

Shopping in Amsterdam

Shop till you drop. Discover Amsterdam’s best shops at the Old City Centre/Old Side, Bloemenmarkt, Central Canal Ring, De Negenstraatjes, Magna Plaza, Bijenkorf, Kalvertoren, Kalverstraat, PC Hooftstraat and Spiegelkwartier. Shops are ranging from exclusive boutiques to multi-storeyed department stores. In general, shops are open till 6pm and closed on Sundays. Thursday is the late night shopping day and most shops are open until 9pm. Some supermarkets stay open until 8 or 10 pm. However, on Sundays, you can shop in the city center, Kalverstraat, Damrak, Leidsestraat, and near the Noorderkerk.

Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

If you are not familiar with the vibe of Amsterdam you may get confused with coffee shop. If you wish to grab coffee then head to a café not to a coffee shop. A coffee shop is the place where they sell legal cannabis. There are many coffee shops in Amsterdam, and they differ as wildly in style, approach and atmosphere as any other type of establishment.

Under Dutch drug law, coffee shops are allowed to sell a maximum of five grams of cannabis per person aged 18 years or older, providing identification. Technically is it not allowed to smoke weed on the street or in open and public space. If you are caught by a police man you will be warned.